No monthly fee. Understand the Costs!

SmartComex Web is enterprise-level software accessible to Freight Forwarders of all sizes. And how is that possible?

The key word for this answer is Volume! With our recharge plans you can get from 10 up to 500 credits, and the cost per credit is reduced according to the amount of credits purchased. In addition, you only spend your credits when you create new processes in the system.

Credits are used as follows:

Master – 1 Credit

House – Free

In other words, 1 credit will be charged to your account for each registered Master process, regardless of Modal. For better usage, in cases of small consolidations or part-lot processes the credit used by the Master allows the registration of up to 4 House processes within this Master, from the 5th House will be charged 1 credit per House.

Recharge Plans