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SmartComex is an Enterprise Software for the Freight Forwarders to manage its Sea, Air and Ground, import and export processes.

Automation of manual processes allows you to reduce costs (time and staff), reduce errors (AI intelligent system) and increase your productivity.

Perform complex logistical operations and manage your freight processes on a single, easy-to-use platform.

SmartComex is a software designed for Freight Forwarders and NVOCC of all sizes.

100% Web/Cloud, multi-branch, no monthly fee and no installation cost.

“Our vision tends towards a revolution in international logistics, connecting the various players in the logistics chain on the same platform, achieving better accuracy and competitiveness, as well as eliminating rework, adding intelligence and reducing logistics costs.”

Felipe Lopes

SmartComex CEO & Co-Founder

System Features

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Easily track the most relevant information for your activities within the company. There are more than 30 graphical representations of Commercial, Operational and Financial data, divided by Department or individualized by Employee, Customer or other types of Company;

General Features

There are dozens of resources common to the system’s modules, we highlight: Customizable Status and Internal Reference; More than 15 types of Calculations; SOPs and rates negotiated with Carrier, Customers and others; Result and Profit; Profit Share Agreement; Reminders and events; File Management;


Main features of the module: Proposal Management 1 to 1, Consolidated or Partlot; Generation of the process from the approved Proposals; Notification of Approved Proposal to the Coordinator; Reports and Performance Widgets by department or Employee;


Main features: Impo and Expo; FCL, LCL, RO/RO and Break Bulk; Geo location of Ships; Issuance of BL (Bill of Lading); Standardized documentation in PDF; Management of Shipments, Ships, Travel and Transhipment; Dead-Lines Controls; Fill of Draft BL by authenticated or public link; Control of Insurance Services, Broker and transport; Robot Tracking Update;


Main features: Impo and Expo; Break Down; AWB inventory management; Issuance of AWB (Air Waybill); Volume Labels; Cargo Manifest; Standardized documentation in PDF; Boarding, Travel and Connection Management; Dead-Lines Controls; Fill of Draft AWB by authenticated or public link; Control of Insurance Services, Broker and Transport;


Main features of the module: Impo, Expo and National; FTL and LTL; Standardized documentation in PDF; Driver, Truck and Truck-Trailer Management; Boarding and Travel Management; Controls on Collection and Delivery dates (expected and actual); Control of Insurance and Broker Services;


M-AWB control similar to formal import; Compatible with Express Remssa, Postal and Brazilian Post Office; Receiving and checking packages; Bulk actions on packages; Customs Clearance integrated with the Customs; Cargo Manifest, Cargo Presence, DIR and DARF Issuance; Integrated with Brazilian Post Office;

* Not included in standard plans


The platform’s main tools are: Sending e-mails; Follow-up management by client and by process; Customizable and exportable grids to Excel; Flexible Print of Documents; Storage of Grid and Docs customizations in Templates; Apportionment of Purchases in consolidated processes; Management of Multimodal Processes; Automatic PTAX update;


Functions: Issuance of Invoices (debit and credit); Conciliation of Bank Account; Accounts Payable and Receivable, Operational and Adm; Issuance of national and Intl NFS-e; Write-offs of Partial Invoices; Issuance of SOA (Statement); SOA Report/Letter; Exchange Result Analysis; Apportionment of Exchange Costs in Processes; Demurrage Management, Free Time (standard and case-by-case), billing of full or partial payment;


Commercial Indicators: List of Quotations, Freight History, Company/Routing Order; Customer Activities; Quotations Approved by vendor;
Operational Indicators: List of Processes; Mooring and Billing; Representative Protocol; Processes in progress by customer; Productivity Occurrences;
Financial Indicators: Banking Transactions; Detailed Cash Flow; Demurrage; Process Totals; List of Invoices; Statement details; Invoices per User; Performance Processes; Fees without Invoice; Process Fees – Total.


The main notifications issued by SmartComex are: Any Process Deadline; Validity of the Certificate; Expiration of Invoice; Demurrage Warning; Quotation Follow-up; Arrival Notification; Quotation Validity; Networking Expiration.

All platform notifications can be configured to be displayed before or after the event, for example:

    • Arrival Notification
      5 days before
    • Quotation Follow-up
      3 days later


    We highlight as main features: Fill of BL Draft (Bill of Lading) and AWB (Air Waybill); Visualization of the files issued in the Process; Access to the Client or other parties, as long as authorized; Geopositioning of the Ship; Process and Cargo Tracking;

    Available on all plans at no additional cost.

    Some companies that reached the next step in Logistics Management.

    Managed Processes

    With AI and Automations


    Serviced via Platform

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    Frequently Asked

    Who was SmartComex® developed for?

    SmartComex® is a software developed for Freight Forwarders and NVOCC of all sizes, 100% Web/Cloud, multi-branch, with no monthly fee and no installation cost.

    Does SmartComex® work for me?

    Our product was designed based on processes and specifications created close to one of the most important freight forwarding agencies in São Paulo. Such specifications have always had great esteem and concern for controls, results and quality. For this reason, the product could not be different, simple and intuitive software, with a pleasant design, beautiful and standardized documentation, control of access levels, always focusing on the result.


    But does it suit my operation?

    Since 2011, we have had the opportunity to serve Freight Forwarders of all sizes and with the most different needs and internal work methodologies. In this scenario, SmartComex® has always been a great ally because, in addition to being very flexible, it has a technical and support team specialized in the freight forwarding and related market.

    So we can assure you that our system can be a digital twin of your current process. In addition, it is able to point out to managers the main points of failure and bottlenecks in the operation.

    How does SmartComex® billing work?

    Our methodology is unique in the market and with no monthly charges. We have packages ranging from 10 credits (USD 49.00) to 500 credits (USD 990.00). Roughly speaking, each credit allows the launch of 1 process in the system*

    * More information:

    What is the implementation time and cost for my company?

    There is no installation cost.

    SmartComex® is the unique real SaaS Software (Software as a Service) for Comex, so you don’t need to contact company employee to grant access, you can create your account and start using it immediately.

    Anyway, if you need the specialized help of our team, today we managed to implement a new company in less than 2 hours and we don’t charge you for this advice!

    How many users and/or branches can I create on Platform?

    Both are unlimited. Our pricing has always looked in partnership with the Freight Forwarder, helping to reduce costs according to the seasonality of this market. That is the reason we do not charge for the number of users or number of branches.

    What happens if I want to cancel?

    As it is a SaaS software (Software as a Service), based on pre-paid credits, there is no cancellation clause providing for a fine or any other type of penalty.

    So, you may stop using it at any time without prior notice or any other administrative or legal obligation. Furthermore, all data presented in lists and system reports can be exported to Excel.

    Our Terms and Conditrions are public and can be found at:

    I don't have time for a system, now what?

    We understand you! Most companies work with lean teams and putting a system into production always generates resistance and fear. But believe me, the reduction of errors, information and process security, in addition to the improvement in customer service and deliveries, will make it all worth.

    Thinking about that, we try to leave several records ready for use: Carriers, Airlines, Ships, Rates, Incoterms, Countries, Ports and Airports are ready to use, reducing the impact, argumentation and resistance of the team to change.

    Managed Processes

    With AI and Automations


    Serviced via Platform

    The Power of SmartComex

    What our customers say about us

    “SmartComex, as the name says, ‘Comex Intelligent’, is the best process management software we’ve found throughout our 20 years of experience, we’ve been through practically all of them and now we have nothing to complain about, we have geographic freedom and best of all, we are not tied to structural support as it is all web and can be accessed from a mobile device anywhere on the planet, giving the customer an immediate response in the palm of their hand.”

    Jiuann Hwa (建華)

    ISB – Intl. Shipping do Brasil

    “We’ve been working with SmartComex since 2014. In modern times where “trust is good, control is even better”, we have a complete system within the company that is simple to handle, and it fits perfect for BVB Cargo. I have total financial, commercial and operational control where I can follow up on each step for our customers’ shipments. Having all these tools, I can do my planning and company growth.”

    Regiane Belmonte

    BVB Cargo Shipping

    “I discovered SmartComex in 2018, since then I haven’t switched to any other platform, what I like most about them is their layout, which is very intuitive and fluid, my employees also like it a lot, in addition to the fact that the support is easy to access and fast. ”

    Luccas Gonzalez

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